A: Warmup

skill work for part C

B: Core Work / alternating with a partner

5 rounds for each partner:

10-15 pikes on rower + 1 length plate push 
Partner is correcting & cheering :)
then switch

C: 20 minutes continuous movement of:

10 single leg squats on bench (sitting back on bench) Left leg
10 bulgarian split squats; Left leg in front
10 alternating OH lunges with one KB
10 australian pullups
10 alternating DB rows (in plank position)

switch leg with the first 2 exercises in every round

Use a challenging weight that allows you to stay unbroken with quick rests between movements.

Experts can use a KB for the first 2 exercises.

19:00 Uhr - Competition-Team Training

A: General

B: Mobility

C: Team Workout - double Vision

50 Alternating Burpee Box Jump Over (30, 24in)
75 Alternating Double Dumbbell Snatch (50’s, 35’s lb)
50 Pairs Syncro Toes To Bar

Timecap: 12 min

D: Core 21 min Tabata (40/20)

- Ab-mat/KB crunch
- banded pull trough
- paralette shoot trough
- one legged glute bridge on bench
- hollow to v-up
- palloff press
- ring body saw


A: Warmup

-deadlift prep.
-shoulder / pushup prep.

B: "Diane" X 3

#1: 21-15-9 reps of:

KB deadlifts (on the light side)
incline pushups (on bench or box)

timecap: 5 minutes

#2: 21-15-9 reps of:

Deadlifts with barbell (on the light side)
regular pushups

timecap: 8 minutes

#3: 21-15-9 reps of:

Deadlifts (Rxd: 100/70kg) or more weight then with #2.

timecap: 12 minutes

Goal: Increase difficulty with every "set":
-Go up with DL weight
-Do a harder pushup version

If you cannot do HSPUs it could look like this:
-incline PUs
-knee PUs
-regular PUs


incline PUs
regular PUs
knees on box PUs


A: Warmup

-squat mobility work & prep.
-core prep.

B: Strength part:

-Barbell bent over rows (from floor)
-Barbell front squats from Rack
-Plate carry (1 plate per hand)

5 Sets of:

12 bent over rows
8 front squats
2 rounds plate carry (1 round=around all grey poles)

Start every 5 min; rest as needed in between.
Work with a partner if possible
Start with a comfortable weight & work your way up

Bent over rows: Start with a deadlift, then go back down to your bent over position; bring bar slightly below your chest.
Plate carry: Use 2 Eleiko plates, it's all about grip strength.

C: Cashout:

For 6 minutes:

40 sec. on / 20 sec off ; alternating

7 meter shuttle sprints
High box jumps

Use a height that is challenging but still allows you to stay unbroken.


A: Warmup

-movement prep

B: For 4 rounds;
Switch every 90 seconds:

-ski for cal.
-russisn KB swings
-bike for cal.
-wall balls
-row for cal.

For Swings, Wallballs and Slamballs use a weight that allows you to stay unbroken!


A Strength & Conditioning Circle

B 12 minute AMRAP
1 strict pull up + 2 push up + 3 air squat
2 strict pull up + 4 push up + 6 air squat
3 + 6 + 9


A: Warmup

-barbell skill work for part C

B: Core work:

4 rounds of:

30-40 sec. on / 20-30 sec.off

-lunge stance + DB side movement (DB left arm, left leg in front)
-DB OH steps forward/backward (left arm)
-one legged DB roations + press (left leg on floor)
-bridge hold + DB OH extension (left leg on floor)

switch side after every round

B: Barbell complex

Start with empty barbell & work your way up.

5 rounds; start every 2:30 minutes

5 snatch grip deadlifts
4 hang power snatches
3 snatch push presses
2 OH squats
1 snatch balance with a 5 sec. pause @ the bottom of your squat


A: Warmup

general + core warmup

skill work medball clean / squats / thrusters

B: 10 rounds of:

250 meter row /200 meter ski
10 medball power cleans (9/7kg)
10 medball squats (9/7kg)
10 medball thrusters (9/7kg)

timecap: 30 minutes


A: Warmup

general WU with KB

B: Strength part:

-Barbell shoulder press from rack
-KB swings russian heavy
-KB deadlifts heavy

Set1: 10 easy presses + 15 swings + 15 DLs
Set2: 5 presses 60% 1RM + 15 swings heavy + 15 DLs heavy
Set3: 5 presses 65% 1RM + 15 swings heavy + 15 DLs heavy
Set4: 5 presses 70% 1RM + 15 swings heavy + 15 DLs heavy
Set5: 5 presses 75% 1RM + 15 swings heavy + 15 DLs heavy
Set6: 5 presses 80% 1RM + 15 swings heavy + 15 DLs heavy
Set7: 10 easy presses + 15 swings heavy + 15 DLs heavy

-Start every 4 minutes
-Work with a parter from rack

C: Cashout:

6 minutes amrap

6 knees to elbows (knee touches elbow)
12 walking lunges

19:00 Uhr - Competition Team Training

A: General warm-up & Mobility

B: Glutes & Core

Be prepared ;) 

C: Stability

TGU Variation

D: Workout

20min EMOM:
Hang Clean
Front Rack Lunges

special rep schema


A: Warmup

DU skills
Rope climb skills

B: Core work

For 12 minutes, not for time:

-kneeling DB row on bench (15 left + 15 right)
-one side leg arm extensions (15 left + 15 right)
-slow squats pressing light DB forward/Backward 15 reps
-Foam roller walk outs 10 reps

60 DUs
60 Back extensions
1 rope climb
50 DUs
50 situps
1 rope climb
40 DUs
40 Back extensions
1 rope climb
30 DUs
30 situps
1 rope climb
20 DUs
20 Back extensions
1 rope climb
10 DUs
10 situps

timecap: 15 minutes

DU: SU with high jump, reps x2
Rope climb: 2 times from floor to standing position and back down


A: Warmup

squat & shoulder mobility
squat & pullup prep.


21-15-9 reps of:

-Air squats
-Ring rows

timecap: 5 minutes

21-15-9 reps of:

-Thrusters (42.5/30kg)

timecap: 10 minutes

21-15-9 reps of:

-KB/DB Thrusters (22,5/15kg)
-chest to bar pullups

timecap: 12 minutes

3 minute rest after timecap OR after the last person finishing.

If you cannot do regular pullups still increase the level of difficulty!
For example: ring rows-banded-negative pullups
OR: ring rows-banded chin over-banded chest to bar,...

8 p.m. weightlifting

Warmup & Hantelgymnastik

Back & Front squats

Hang pull 5x5 reps


"Three Holy Kings" WOD

AMRAP 12 minutes
1 strict pull up + alap hold
8 burpee box jumps
16 wall balls
24 OH medball jumps

TABATA 30 / 30 - 10 rounds 
change between row / assault / skierg and

EMOM 12 minutes
odd: 12 single arm KB Thrusters (6/hand)
even: 1-2 TGUs (heavy AND perfectly slow) 


A: Warmup

B: Core circle 

2 rounds
40 sec. on / 20 sec. off / switch

Slam balls
Pike on rower
Jack knife on rower
Hollow to tuck body hold
Hanging knee raise into leg extension
Banded crunches

C: 3 rounds of:

500 meter row/ski
20 hang power cleans (30/20kg)
15 shoulder presses (30/20kg)
10 good mornings (30/20kg)


A: Warmup

shoulder & hip prep. for part B

B: Pull/Squat/Carry

5 sets of:

8-10 strict chinups
15+ heavy goblet squats (1 or 2 KBs DBs)
20 meter one arm farmers carry left (2 lengths)
20 meter one arm farmers carry right

Scale chinups to at least 8 reps (use a band), if you can do more than 10 add weight!
For goblet squats use a KB/DB (or 2) that allows at least 15 reps!
Use a heavy KB for the walk but keep good posture!

Start every 5 minutes
Go for perfect form, not for time!
Take rests between exercises
If resting time feels to long, slow down your reps in the next set!

C: Cashout

6 min amrap

6 Burpees
12 Lunge jumps
24 DU's (40 SUs)


A: Warmup

KB prep.

B: Core work

16 minutes; 1 min on; 15 seconds off

min 1: bear walk (slow and controlled)
min 2: hollow body hang
min 3: hollow body/tuck body hold
min 4: plank hold
min 5: side plank with rotation
min 6: side plank with rotation (other side)
min 7: slam balls regular
min 8: slam ball with side rotation to a partner (switch side next round)

B: 5 rounds of:

15 KB swings russian
20 alternating one arm KB O.H. stationary lunges backwards (left arm)
15 KB swings american
20 alternating one arm KB O.H. stationary lunges backwards (right arm)

Weight: Go for perfect form, reps should be unbroken, rest in between sets!

timecap: 15 minutes


A: Warmup

movement prep. for part C:

B: Tabata core 

tuck body hold
hollow body hold
tuck body rock
hollow body rock
side chrunches left 
side chrunches right
chrunches hands pointing back

superman hold
superman rock
back extensions
plank hold

C: Lets start the New Year with a classic one:


20 minutes amrap:

5 pullups
10 pushups
15 air squats

Scale movements as needed. 
Try to keep a steady pace!

19:00 Uhr Competition Team Training

A: warm-up

B: mobility - ankle

C: Workout


A: Warm Up

B: "New Years Eve"

For Time:
31 Push Press (35/30kg)
31 Pull-Ups
31 Snatches (35/30kg)
31 Sit-Ups
31 Toes-to-Bar
31 Push-Ups
31 Box Jumps (60/50cm)
31 Back Squats (35/30kg)
31 Unbroken Double-Unders
31 Thrusters (35/30kg)
31 Lunges
31 Burpees

Then, 365 meter Row

TC: 40 min


A: Movement prep. & Warm UP

B: EMOM 60min

alternate between
* cal row
* handstand push ups
* deadlifts (60/45kg)
* strict pull ups
* weighted Box Step overs

count your score 

C: Cool Down


A: Warm Up:

B: Stability & Koordination:

C: Workout:

3 x Tabata Fun: (18min)

Plank Tabata (25/10)
Push Up Tabata
Goblet Squat Tabata

Break 1min between


A: Warmup

General and movement prep.

B: Dallas 5

5 five minute amraps in 29 minutes:

0-5 min

6-11 min
7 DLs (70/50kg)
7 Box jumps (60/50cm)

12-17 min
TGUs with DB (22,5/15kg)

18-23 min
7 santches (35/25kg)
7 push ups

24-29 min
ROW or SKI for calories


Coach Sarah in the box

A: Warm-up with special Annie

B: for 21 min

min 1: 5 Man Makers

min 2: 10 Pistol Squats

min 3: 5 Shuttle Runs


A: Warmup

general (include rope jumps)
KB skills

B: Work with a partner
1 is working 1 is resting
split as you like

2 rounds of:

40 KB deadlifts (heavy &excellent)
40 russian KB swings
40 goblet squats with KB
100 DUs
40 pushups
40 australian pullups
40 alternating slam balls (heavy & excellent)

Timecap: 30 minutes

Use a heavy KB that allows only small sets! 
Aim for perfect form not speed!


A: Warmup

WOD movement prep.

B: Fight gone bad

5 rounds, 5 min on; 1 min off

Wall balls 9/7kg
Sumo deadlift high pulls (35/25kg)
Box jump (60/50cm)
Push press (35/25kg)
Row or ski for cal.

switch exercise after every minute, no rest between exercises!
Split in two groups:
A start with wallballs
B start with sdhp
All rest at the same time!


Partner WOD
x = Row / Skierg
A starts with x
B with exercise
A and B change whenever x m are finished
Every change leads to A doing 35 DU / 50 SU –  
B doing burpees as long as A is doing DU

x 200m – pull ups or australian pull ups / L-sit hang (or scaled version)
x 400m – push ups / plank hold
x 600m – thrusters / side plank
x 800m – deadlift / v-ups
x 1000m – wall balls / hollow body hold
x 1000m – wall balls / hollow body hold
x 800m – deadlift / v-ups
x 600m – thrusters / side plank
x 400m – push ups / plank hold
x 200m – pull ups or
 australian pull ups / L-sit hang (or scaled version)
x 400m – push ups


A: Warm Up

B: Movement Prep. 


Kettlebell "DT"

5 rounds of:
12 Deadlifts ( 2 KB each 24-40kg)
 9 KB Hang Clean (same weight)
 6 Push Press (same weight)

TC: 20min

Rest 3 min

D: WOD 2:


EMOM  12 min
  odd: 8 - 10 cal
even: 8 - 10 Burpee box jump overs 


Strength and Conditioning Circle
- slam ball stuff
- fence (with / without jump)
- hanging (bar / rope)
- down jump + broad jump + high jump

10 min AMRAP
5 S2OH (30kg / 50kg)
5 strict T2B
5 S2OH (30kg / 50kg)
5 strict pull ups


A: Warmup

general & movement prep.

B: Filthy Fifty

50 box jumps (60/50cm)
50 jumping pull-ups
50 kettlebell swings (16/12kg)
50 walking-lunge steps
50 knees-to-elbows
50 push presses (20/15kg)
50 back extensions
50 wall-ball shots (9/7kg)
50 burpees
50 double-unders

A classic chipper of 500 reps, this longer workout is characterized by intermediate-level body-weight movements and light loads that allow people to keep moving with limited rest. Newer athletes should reduce the volume and use movement modifications that ensure large sets and short rest breaks.

Timecap: 35 minutes


A: Warmup

general (rowing prep.)
thruster skill work & prep.
pullup prep.

B: "Jackie"

1,000-meter row
50 thrusters
30 pull-ups

Weight: 20/15 kg (No emtpy barbell dropping!)

timecap: 15 minutes


A: Warmup 

deadlift prep. - movement & mobility

B: Deadlift

5 x 10 reps

start every 2:30 minutes

Experts: start heavy and stay with same weight (between 65-75% 1RM)
Intermediate & Beginners: start with comfortable weight and work your way up.

C: Cashout Trainers Choice!

19:00 Uhr Competition Training - Prep for "pack 4 life"

DB overhead walk


21 DB Thruster (2 x 22,5 / 15 kg)
21 Pull-ups
15 DB Thruster (2 x 22,5 / 15 kg)
15 CTB
9 DB Thruster (2 x 22,5 / 15 kg)
9 Bar MU

TC: 10 min

20:00 Uhr Competition-Team X-mas party


AdventsKalender WunschWOD von Martina

A: Warmup

movement prep.

B: Buy in:

50 DUs / 150 SUs


2 rope climbs
5 goblet squats (20/16kg)
10 burpees

2 rope climbs
10 goblet squats
20 jumping squats

2 rope climbs
20 goblet squats
30 medball cleans

2 rope climbs
30 goblet squats
40 overhead stationary lunges with one KB

2 rope climbs
40 goblet squats
50 pistol squats (hold on rings for scaling)


50 DUs / 150 SUs

timecap: 30 minutes


A: Warmup

skill work medball clean
box jump prep.

50-40-30-20-10 reps of:

Medicine-ball cleans
Box jumps

Medball weight: 9/7kg
Box jump height: 60/50cm

timecap: 25 minutes

8 p.m. weightlifting

Last weightlifting session this year

OH squat + Snatch balance

Warmup & Hantelgymnastik

Overhead squat
Snatch balance