A: Warmup

shoulder prep.
skill work squat clean
skill work HS movements


5 strict HS pushups
5 squat cleans (80/55kg)
10 HS pushups (any style)
10 squat cleans (70/50kg)
20 ring dips
20 squat cleans (60/45kg)
40 push ups
40 squat cleans (40/30kg)

timecap: 20 minutes

Scale weight as needed but decrease weight while reps go up!

Scaled HS versions:
strict= negative OR box HSPUs
any style= box HSPUs
ring dips= negative ring dips OR narrow pushups
pushups= knees or box

19:00 Competition Team

A: Warm Up 

short but intensive warm up

B: Activation & Strenght (Core) 

with the foam roller and KB

C: WOD 1 Gymnastic (Medcon Core)

20min EMOM
a) 30 sec ring dip hold
b) 30 sec hollow body hold
c) 30 sec ring dips 
d) 30 sec V-Up

D: WOD 2 - Medcon

5 rounds of
6 Thrusters (60/40kg)
12 alt KB Snatches (32/24)
200m run

E: Accessory Work

5 rounds:
14m handstand walk
max reps Kb bizeps curl (Tempo 1414)



A: Warmup

skill work:
-power clean
-split jerk

B: Split jerk

7 x 1 rep (heavy & excellent)

-always start with a power clean
-start every 90 seconds
-beginners do 7x3 reps (1 power clean then 3 split jerks)

C: Cashout

Tabata core work trainers choice
16 x 20 seconds ; 10 sec. rest


A: Warmup

movement prep.

B: Circle; 3 rounds; 1:20min rest after every full round

2 people work at the same station

40 sec. per station / 20 sec. rest /switch

# Battle rope work
# Burpee box jump overs (60/50cm)
# Medball slams
# Alternating peg board climbs (scaled: chin over the bar hold)
# cal. row
# HS hold (@wall or freestanding)
# cal. ski
# wall squat hold
# cal. airbike
# plank hold

8 p.m. weightlifting

Warmup + Hantelgymnastik

Hang snatch 3x3 reps


A: Trainer´s warm up

B: Skill Partner TGU with BB, Hang Snatches

C: Work with a partner

6 min to complete 400m walk with BB
rest of time synchronic TGU with BB (one BB per team)
2 min rest

6 min to complete 400m run rest of time
AMRAP synchronic hang snatches
2 min rest

6 min to complete 400m run rest of time
alternating handstand walk (help each other)
2 min rest

6 min to complete 400m farmers carry with 3 DB (15/22,5)
AMRAP synchronic DB rows  (15/22,5)


Partner WOD Saturday FUN and ACTION JACKSON

AMRAP 2000m row
10 Thruster 30kg / 42,5kg
5 Front Squats
10 Pull Ups

bar hang --> change DU whenever you cannot hold any longer

AMRAP 2000m row
10 Deadlifts 50kg / 80kg
5 Burpee Box Jumps
10 Push Ups

plank --> change DU whenever you cannot hold any longer

AMRAP 2000m row
10 Shoulder Press 30kg / 42,5kg
10 leg raises on floor


A: Warmup

box jump skills

EMOM for 8 minutes

Min1: 5 jumps with upright landing
Min2: 5 jumps with deep squat landing
Min3: 5 burpee box jump overs
Min4: 5 rebound box jumps (smooth rebound!)

work with a challenging height.

C: 3 rounds of:

800 meter run (2x 400meter round)
50 box jumps (60/50cm)

timecap: 25 minutes


A: Warmup

shoulder prep.
core work

B: Shoulder press + weighted walking lunges

15-12-9-6-3-6-9-12-15 reps

-work with a partner from rack (shoulder press)
-start every 2:30 minutes
-when reps go down weight is going up & the other way around
-start lunges always with weaker leg

A does 15 shoulder presses with about 50% 1RM, right after that 15 weighted walking lunges.
(use Plate or DB as extra weight, for low rep lunges use 2 DBs)
B starts after A has finished his round.

C: 7 min amrap

7 Burpees
14 cal row (12 cal. ski)


A: Warmup

general (including KB swing skills)

ring skill work

handstand skills & prep.
(hold & pushup)


20 minute amrap of:

2 muscle ups
4 handstand pushups
8  american KB swings (Rxd 32/24kg)

Scaled version #1:

2 assisted muscle ups
4 box HSPUs/negative HSPUs
8 american swings (scale weight as needed)

Scaled version #2: 
2 slow false grip ring rows
4 push ups
8 american swings (scale weight as needed)

19:00 Competition Class

A: Warm Up

movement prep. 

B: Skill 

KB Taters 


50 DL (70/45kg)
50 Double KB Swings (24/16)
50 Push Ups
50 C&J (70/45kg)
50 Push Ups
50 KB Taters (24/16)
50 Box Jumps (60/50)
50 Wall Climbs
50 K2E
50 DU

TC: 60min

if you finish early row/ski or bike until timecap


A: Warmup

shoulder prep.
skill work snatch (muscle, power & squat)

B: Turkish get ups

8 min amrap TGU's with easy pace

start with light weight & work your way up

C: Snatch

2-2-2-2-2-2 reps

-start every 90 seconds
-depending on your level do squat, power or muscle snatches
-first work your way up, then stay with about the same weight for every 12 reps


A: Warmup

general (including jump rope)
skill work one arm DB/KB push jerk

B: Bulgarian split squats with 2 DBs/KBs hanging

4 sets / 8 reps per leg

-start every 2:30 minutes
-choose a challenging weight
-work with a partner

C: 3 rounds of:

24 one arm DB push jerks (12 per arm)
50 D.U's
24 weighted step ups (60/50cm) (DB/KB in front or shoulder rack)
50 D.U's

timecap: 20 minutes

DB/KB weight Rxd: 22.5/24kg ; 15/16kg

If you struggle with double-unders, reduce the reps to something you can complete in 3-4 sets or modify to single-unders.

8 p.m. Weightlifting

Warmup + Hantelgymnastik

-Overhead squat
-Snatch Balance


A: Warmup

squat mobility
skill work Hang power clean

Partner Warmup with medball,
Facing each other, passing ball with each rep.

3 rounds with an easy pace

10 partner "wall" balls 
10 partner wall ball swings (like a KB swing) passing with every rep
10 wall ball chest passes
10 wall ball power cleans + chest pass

always 10 reps in total - 5 per person.

B: Saved by the barbell

3 rounds for max reps of:

1 minute of burpees
1 minute of wall-ball shots (9/7kg)
1 minute of deadlifts (50/35kg)
1 minute of med-ball sit-ups
1 minute of hang power cleans (50/35kg)

Rest 1 minute

Scale weight as needed; choose a weight that allows you almost unbroken reps in every round!


"I like Saturdays" + "makes you happy" Workout

100 KB swings russian
500m row
100 KB swings russian
500m row
100 KB swings russian
Cook Drill --> will be explained, no worries

Depending on how much time is left there will be extra interval training.


A: Warmup

squatting prep.

B: paused Back squats with light weight (Tempo 22x2)

5x3 reps - rest as needed in between

C: Back squats (not paused)

5-5-5-5-5 reps

-work with a partner form rack
-start every 2:30 minutes
-first work your way up than start
-try to do a litte increasement every set but a bit lighter in the last one!

reduced quad blast; 1 round:
20 air squats
20 alternating lunges (stationary)
16 lunge jumps
10-12 squat jumps

aim for explosiveness in the jumps!


A: Warmup


shoulder stability work

skill work squat snatch

B: 5 min EMOM 5 squat snatches with light weight (touch & go)


21 squat snatches
42 push-ups
15 squat snatches
30 push-ups
9 squat snatches
18 push-ups

Rxd: 35/25kg OR scaled as needed

Use a weight that allows you to go unbroken or almost unbroken with the snatches!
Remember, always keep great form!

timecap: 14 minutes


A: Warmup

rowing prep.
sprinting prep.

B: 5 rounds / start every 5 minutes

250 meter row
4 x 30 meter sprints
10 burpee box jump overs

rest the remainder of the 5 minutes

sprints are outside; start at the end of mats into the grass area & back.

Every round should be as fast as possible BUT take quick rests in between the sprints!
Every 30 meter should be a sprint - not a jog!

If your resting time is less than a minute - remove 1 sprint length!

19:00 Competition Class

A: Warm UP 

Pechis Barbell Warm Up

B: Skill OLY

1RM Daily PSN
1RM Daily SSN

C: EMOM 12min
min 1-  6: 3xPSN 70% DRM
min 7-12: 2xSSN

30 Burpee Box overs
30 DB Snatches (30/20)
20 T2B

TC: 20 min

500m Row
50 DU
FRAN (20/15)

TC: 12min



A: Warmup

-mobility work
-skill work single leg squat
(find your scaling version)

B: 2 rounds of:

50 abmat situps (experts use a medball)
60 empty barbell good mornings (20/15kg)
70 single leg squats (35 per leg)

timecap: 22 minutes

Scaling options for single leg squats:

-assited, hold on to rings for example
-single leg box squats (use a height that allows perfect form)
-bulgarian split squats

DO NOT force yourself through the pistols if you're not stable or having problems keeping good form! Scale as needed!


A: Warmup

-skill work clean & jerk

B: Clean deadlift

4x5 reps EMOM with light weight

C: High pull from hang

4x5 reps EMOM with light weight

D: Hang power clean into push press

4x3 reps EMOM with light weight

E: Push jerk

4x4 reps EMOM with light weight

F: For time:

20 clean & jerks

Choose the heaviest load that you can tap-n-go for 2-3 reps. Once you’ve set the load, complete 20 reps as quickly as possible.

timecap: 8 minutes

8 p.m. Weightlifting

-Warmup & Hantelgymnastik



A: Warm up general movement prep. B: Back squat 10-10-10-10-10 reps start every 3 minutes, with about 50% of your 1RM work your way up alternating with KB/DB shoulder press 5 left + 5 right (for perfect form) (5/5 shoulder presses right after Back squat ) C: 3 rounds of 25 wall balls (9/7kg) 15 cal. row OR ski 5 burpee box jump overs (60cm) timecap: 11 minutes


A: Warmup


B: Med ball sprints, with a partner

C: Circiut

3 rounds

40 sec. on / 20 sec. off per station

1. Bulgarian split squats

2. Squat jumps + air squats

3. KB swings (russian)

4. Lunge jumps

5. Slamballs

6. Medball side throws @ wall (rotation)

7. Clapping pushups + pushups

8. Bent over DB rows

1min 20 sec. rest after every round.


A: Warmup

-general (include rowing skills)
-front squat & thruster prep.
-clean/cluster skill work

Five - 2 minute rounds of:
10 thrusters
200-m row
Max-rep thrusters

Rest 3 minutes between rounds.

Rxd weight: 42.5/30kg

Before starting we do 1 test run to figure out weight & rowing distance.
There should be a minimum of 30 sec. left after the row.
If not scale weight and/or rowing distance.


A: Warmup

-shoulder specific warmup

Work with a partner, start every 2 min.

4 rounds, alternating with your partner

10 australian pullups + 10 pushups

Skill work bar muscle up from floor, bar low in rack.
-hips to bar-body over bar

D: skill work negative bar muscle ups

E: skill work bar muscle ups

F: 5 min amrap

max reps Bar muscle ups


-quad blast

25 air squats
24 alternating stationary lunges
24 alternating lunge jumps
12-15 squat jumps (for maximal air time)


A: Warmup


-deadlift variations:
-stiff legged
-single leg

running prep.


21 deadlifts
Run 400 meters
18 deadlifts
Run 400 meters
15 deadlifts
Run 400 meters
12 deadlifts
Run 400 meters

Rxd weight: 102,5/70kg

-Scale weight as needed

Lighten the deadlift so that the first set of 21 can be performed unbroken and still allow you to run fast. The load should be moderately heavy but not require excessive rest to complete each set.

timecap: 15 minutes

19:00 Competition Team

A: Warm Up
generall warm up

B: Technique


C: WOD (always 8min)

A: AMRAP LOG Clean & Jerk (Log + 10 / Log + 5)
B, C: Hang on the rack
switch after each break on the hang
score reps with the log

b) Thrusters & Lunges
every 20 Lunges Worm Thrusters
5 Worm thrusters
score totall worm thrusters

c) KEG & Erg 
Partner A,B: max reps G2O KEG 
Partner C: 300m ski erg 
switch after each 300m
score totall reps G2O

d) Row and Hold:
Partner A,B:  row 
Partner C: Sandbag Hold (65/40kg)
switch after each fail to hold the Sandbag

e) Yoke and Slad Pull
Partner A: 100m Yoke carry
Partner B,C: Air Squats
score meter yoke carry

Rest between a,b,c,d,e always 2min


A: Warmup

-rowing skills

B: Bent over barbell rows

10-10-10-10-10 reps

-start with comfortable weight & work your way up
-start every 2 minutes

B: 3 rounds of:

250 meter row
40 sit ups
250 meter row
40 russian KB swings (20/12kg)
250 meter row
40 walking lunges (without weight)


A: Warmup

-O.H. squat prep. & skill
-bench press prep.


Complete as many rounds as possible in 28 minutes of:

9 overhead squats

1 legless rope climb from seated

12 bench presses

Rxd weight: 52,5/35kg (O.H.S & B.P.)

Scaling options:

O.H.S: scale weight as needed

Rope climb:
-legless from standing/jumping
-with legs
-2 times from sitting to standing position

Bench press: scale weight as needed

8 p.m. weightlifting

Warmup & Hantelgymnastik

Clean & Jerk
3 rounds; 3-2-1 reps


A: Warm Up

general movement prep. 

B: Strength: 

with KB


5 x AMRAP a 5min:

a) WB & Push Ups
10 WB (7/9kg)
10 Push Ups

b) KB & SKI
10 KB Step Ups (12/16kg)
10 cal ski

c) Row & Burpees
200m row
8 burpees over rower

d) Slamball carry

e) KB & Pulls
10 Swings (20/24kg)
10 High Pulls  

Rest always 1min between AMRAPs


A: Warmup

-Tabata core work

-Movement prep.

B: Partner WOD

finish one exercise after the other

Buy in: 400 meter run (together)

-100 cal. row

-50 clapping burpes

-100 D.U's

-50 synchronic KB swings (russian style; heavy and excellent)

-100 weighted walking lunges (20/15kg)

-50 partner situps (feet together, high 5 when up)

-100 wall balls (9/7kg)

Cash out: 400 meter run (together)

100 rep movements: only 1 is working

50 rep movements: both are working together

timecap: 30 minutes


A: Warmup

-movement prep.

Strength work, work with a partner

B: Front squats from rack

8-6-4-2 reps

C: Shoulder press from rack

8-6-4-2 reps

D: Good morning from rack

8-8-6-6 reps

E: Thruster from rack

8-8-8-8 reps

-For each exercise:
-start every 2 min.
-start with 2-3 warmup sets
-first 8 reps should be at about 50% of your 1RM
-then work your way up to 2,6 or 8 heavy reps (depending on the exercise)


A: Warmup

-movement prep.
(air squat, pushup, pullup)

B: Girl WOD "Chelsea"

Every minute on the minute for 30 minutes perform:

5 pull-ups
10 push-ups
15 squats

If you fall behind the clock, keep going for 30 minutes and see how many rounds you can complete.

If you've finished the workout before, this time add 1 rep to each exercise—i.e., 6 pull-ups, 11 push-ups, and 16 squats each minute—and see if you can go the full 30 minutes.

Scaling options:

-jumping pullups
-pushups on knees or box

If you already know that you cannot complete 1 round per minute reduce the amount of reps from the beginning!

For example:
3-8-12 reps per minute


A: Warmup

-skill work shoulder to overhead
(shoulder press; push press, push jerk)

B: Shoulder to overhead

5-5-5-5-5 reps (choose your most efficient style)

-work your way up to 5 heavy reps
-start every 2 minutes
-start from floor

C: 3 rounds of:

400 meter run
10 shoulder to overheads

Rxd weight: 82,5 / 57,5kg

Scale weight as needed.
If not Rxd use a weight that does not allow you 10 unbroken reps!
For example 2 sets of 5 reps per round.

19:00 Competition Class (Kettlebell work)

A: Warm Up

a) Tabatastyle (40/20)
* KB Halo
* goblet squats
* pump stretch
* KB russion swing

b) Mobility / Stability
* Hip
* Shoulder

B: Strength
a) 5min AMRAP
Turkish Get Ups with a heavy KB for quality

b) EMOM 5min
KB Drop Downs with a heavy KB for quality

c) EMOM 5min
KB Seated Shoulder Press

5 rounds Clean & Press Ladder:
(1,2,3,4,5) reps of
Power Clean (24/16)
Press (24/16)

switch arm after each set (1/2/3/4/5) 
Rest as needed between rounds

D: Finisher
AMRAP 5min
heavy Close Russion Kb Swings (32/24)



A: Warmup

-hip mobility work
-skill sumo deadlift

B: Sumo deadlift

3-3-3-3-3 reps 

-first work your way up to 3 heavy reps
-start every 2 minutes
-stay with the same weight or increase only a little til last set.

C: Cashout

20 sec. Burpees
20 sec. Squat jumps